Industrial Visit . . .

Industrial Visit

A group of 31 students from Level 3G and 5 staff members visited to three industries which was arranged by the Department of Chemistry as part of the teaching learning process in the General Degree Programme in Science during the period from 1st of July to 3rd of July 2015.

The group visited to Phoenix Industries Limited at Makandura. After the brief discussion about their products and manufacturing process the group visited to two production sites in the premises.

The group was welcomed by the staff members of Midas Safety at Pyagama. The glove making process and waste management were explained very well.

Finally, the group visited to Holcim Lanka Limited at Puttalam. The staff members explained about various cement manufacturing process and little of their Geocycle process.

All the students and staff members in the group enjoyed the visit to above industries and gained the practical knowledge on the process involved in the manufacture of products and waste management practices of each industry and activities of each institution visited.




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