Dr. P. Abiman

  • Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry
    Department of Chemistry,
    University of Jaffna,
    Sri Lanka
  • abiman@jfn.ac.lk, abiman777@gmail.com
  • +94 (0)21 2218193 (office), +94 (0)77 1457688 (mobile)
  1. General Secretary/JUSTA from 2009-2011
  2. Senior Treasurer/University Christian Fellowship from 02/03/2010 to date
  3. Council Member/FOCUS 2010/2011
  4. General Secretary/JSA: 2011/2012
  5. Member, Physical Science Board of Studies, Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Jaffna
  6. Member, Science Faculty Board, University of Jaffna.
  7. Head, Department of Chemistry, University of Jaffna June 2017 to date
  8. Council Member/FOCUS 2017/2018
My research interest is the surface modification of graphite powder, glassy carbon microspheres and carbon nanotubes with a range of aromatic organic molecules, biological molecules such as cysteine and metal nanoparticles. The resulting materials can be characterized using voltammetric techniques, by immobilizing the modified carbon material onto the surface of a suitable substrate. The voltammetric characterization of these novel materials is frequently carried out in conjunction with other surface analysis techniques, where appropriate, such as X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy.
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    • CHE422ME3: Advanced topics in Thermodynamics Kinetics and Electrochemistry.
    • CHE402MC4: Macromolecules and Aggregates.
    • CHE202GC3:Atomic and Molecular Structure and Basic principles of Molecular Spectroscopy.
    • CHE404XS2: Industrial Minerals, Nanomaterials and Material Characterization.