University of Jaffna English Speakers Club

University of Jaffna English Speakers Club is one of the successful initiatives under the AHEAD-ELTA-ELSE development project of the Department of Chemistry. It was developed to provide a supportive learning environment for the undergraduate students of the University of Jaffna. Proficiency in English breaks the fear of our students and will open up a wide range of opportunities and experiences.

The club’s emblem is recognized as a symbol for motivating undergraduates to speak out. The club logo features a microphone for ‘Speak out’, the color gold for ‘ a bright and shiny future of the undergraduates’ and the graduation cap denotes the potential graduates

Establishment of UOJ-ESC

There was a need among the University of Jaffna undergraduates to have activities for the improvement of Communication skills in English and to promote self-confidence, leadership and teamwork qualities.  The Department of Chemistry took the initiative to form a club which facilitates co-curricular activities.  

Some Academic staff from the University of Jaffna, resource persons from different organisations and a few Chemistry Specializing students were involved in drafting the constitution and planning the subject-specific innovative activities. Their productive discussions and selfless actions gave the rise to the Club in the name of the University of Jaffna English Speakers Club. 

The first activity of the club; the Prepared Speech Competition was organized among the Level 4M Chemistry specializing students in May 2020. Then the club has ceremonially inaugurated on August 5 2020, virtually due to the Covid pandemic situation.

Constitutions for download